MicroPak Low Profile LED Modules (ED9040)

Product Code: LMP-06AXC3-SU

£74.50 (Ex. VAT) £89.40 (Inc. VAT)

The MicroPak LED module is sold as a single, ECE R65 Class 1 approved warning lamp, available in blue, red, amber and white single colour or blue/white, blue/red and blue/amber dual colour units.

This low profile module has 6 powerful LEDs and a choice of 29 flash patterns for the single colour unit and 69 flash patterns for the dual colour unit.

Set the modules into the vehicle body work for an unobtrusive light source with astounding brightness when in use.

Colours available:


Specification Dimensions Data Sheets

• Supplied as one light head

• 6 high intensity LEDs per head

• Optimised lens and optical system

• 29 built-in selectable flash patterns for the single colour version and 69 flash patterns for the dual colour light head*

• Dimming facility

• Multiple units can be linked to flash simultaneously

• All-in-one, self contained unit - no external flasher

• Supplied with 25cm (10") cable

• Steady burn override for worklight functionality

• Weatherproof and vibration resistant

• 5 warranty

• 12/24v operation

• Single colour: 1.2A Dual colour: 0.6A

• ECE R65 Class 1 and ECE R10 (e) approved

* Note: Not all flash patterns are R65 approved

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