Mega-Flash Circular LED Cluster

Product Code: LED-695-03

£21.00 (Ex. VAT) £25.20 (Inc. VAT)

The Circular LED Cluster has been primarily developed for vehicle warning where finding space and a flat surface to fit is a challenge.

The LED Cluster has a variety of functions, all of which are useful for a number of applications. They have an inbuilt flasher circuit which can provide an alternating or synchronised flash pattern, when synchronised with other LED Cluster modules.

Primarily designed for installation to motorcycles, and having an anodised aluminium housing the LED cluster provides an excellent IP67 sealed warning system.

Available in:

Specification Dimensions Data Sheets
  • Available in white
  • 3 latest generation LEDs per cluster
  • High intensity, wide angle internal optic
  • Built-in flash pattern or steady burn
  • Operates at 12v and 24v

39mm diameter x 43mm long

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