Maxi System - 12 Control Ouptuts

Product Code: UNI-STF-001


Two MCS-6E 6-Way Control Units are simply ganged together via a CAN Bus connection to double the systems control capacity. Providing twice the outputs with up to 12 individual or combined functions.

A 14 button handset provides 12 individual function buttons and two combination buttons. Based upon established tactile switch technology that can be 'user' programmed to suit a wide variety of applications.

Combining two MCS-6E Control Units and the 14 button handset has all the features and functions of the MCS-MINI, but due to the increased number of switches and associated outputs is ideally suited to applications needing more of both these operational facilities. Where having one switch function associated with a particular and specific output makes for a very easy set-up and application process, and for more complex installations a Combo switch can be matched with more than one output if required.

3 year manufacturers warranty

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Having the option for two Combination Buttons also allows the user to have better control over applications that require a number of functions to be active at the same time and/or operate in a pre-defined manner.

Handset Features
• Each button can be set with 1 of 8 back light colours upon each individual action and to suit switch function
• All Clear function - when activated, all buttons on the handset are turned off, and held off as long as the input stays active
• Buttons can be individually allocated with the use self adhesive, pre-printed legends (supplied) or bespoke legends (available to order)
• 3 stage back illumination - low when OFF, high when ON, both levels automatically dim when vehicle side lights are ON
• Each small button can be latching or momentary
• Double width combo button can have a multi-function 'HOT' key double or triple action depending on required function and change colour depending on its mode
• A fully tactile one piece wipe clean keypad with positive clicks
• Option to enable 'beep' every time a button is pressed and/or 'beep' every 5 seconds when switch active
• Pressing a button or the ignition input wakes unit from sleep mode so long as battery voltage is within operating range
• Supplied complete with protective rubber surround as standard which can be removed for dash mounted applications
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

Note: Because the handset has the same number of individual function buttons (12) as two MCS-6E Control Units it does not have some of the special operational features that are available with the Midi System such as headlight and rear light independently flashing.