Evolution LED Lightbar

Product Code: RVA-001-XXXX

£327.77 (Ex. VAT) £393.32 (Inc. VAT)

The Evolution LED lightbar incorporates ribbed lens styling and optional under-slung twin alley lights creating an attractive and functional lightbar which has ECE R65 approval as well as being e-approved.

The Evolution LED lightbar has circular LED modules that have 12 individual LEDs within each module with a 130FPM (triple flash) flash pattern that imitates a rotator for excellent 360º light output.

The use of precision moulded, highly polished parabolic surfaces along with free form reflecting mirrors produces light output with an even balance of intensity from all viewing angles.

Front facing spotlights and rear facing red lamps can be incorporated within the lightbar with the addition of clear or red lenses that are set into the main lightbar lens and have an LED or dichroic lamp behind. Twin dichroic alley lights are mounted within a custom moulded clear lens that is attached to the aluminium base and main lens.

An illuminated centre section is created with the addition of an opal central lens and legend of your choice, please note that warning light modules cannot be installed in this area.

It is also possible to create a raised centre section to house a PA/Speaker system on Evolution lightbars 39” and over. The central lens is replaced by a custom moulded opal lens with perforated speaker grille if required.   

Available from 22” (570mm) up to 72” (1829mm) long the Evolution operates at 12v as standard with 24v available to order.

We have put together a standard range of clear lens lightbars with illuminated centre section, however we are able to engineer an Evolution lightbar to your personal requirements, these may have a longer lead time than a standard lightbar.

The Evolution is supplied complete with standard mounting feet, stainless steel universal mounting feet are available to order (ACC-229) as well as a variety of other mounting options.

Colours available:

Specification Typical Lightbar Configurator Standard Lightbar Range Dimensions

Standard Features: 
• Available in 22” (570mm), 29” (742mm), 39” (1000mm), 48”(1212mm) and 54” (1372mm) as standard with 60” (1524mm) and 72” (1829mm) available to order
• 12-way circular LED module
• Illuminated centre section
• 130FPM (Triple Flash)
• ECE R65 and ECE R10 (e) approved
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

Optional Features: 
• Twin 35w dichroic alley lights
• LED spotlights/work lights and dichroic rear red lamps 
• Optional raised centre section with built-in PA/Speaker
• Available in blue for approved Emergency Services applications only

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