Speed up conviction rates & efficiency with Watchguard

With mobile CCTV recording now common place and a vast range of systems available that range from single dash cameras to multi-camera installations, WatchGuard is unique in that it has been specifically designed to provide the Police unambiguous video evidence.

Automatic recording, automatic wireless upload, one touch event categorisation and industry leading evidence management software allow:

• More efficient use of officer time
• More time on high visibility patrol
• More video evidence of more incidents
• More detected crimes
• Better conviction rates
• Better MOPI and Data Protection compliance


The National Police Chiefs Council (2016)* costed out a Constable’s time at just under £60 per hour, and administration staff at £27 per hour. With automatic recording, automatic data linking, automatic upload and automatic purging of data, the WatchGuard system accrues a real and quantifiable time saving at every step of the evidence gathering process.

Key Features

Why WatchGuard?

Effective Management of Video Evidence

WatchGuard gives the opportunity to dramatically increase conviction rates, that in turn saves money and/or generates revenue depending on the nature of the offence by providing unambiguous high definition video evidence.

With Policing being all about pursuing and bringing to justice those elements of society who violate the law, the process of building a case unfortunately does not always lead to a just outcome. WatchGuard assists with this process by eliminating the weakness present in current technical solutions and the associated processes.

Although video evidence has been utilised extensively for many years as part of the prosecution process quite often the poor quality of footage has not been suitable for use in court, resulting in the CPS not being able to prosecute. Also, as such video equipment currently installed in vehicles has been derived from technology suited to static building applications, it is not specifically robust enough for long term mobile use, and as such has often been found to fail at critical moments providing no suitable evidence.

Seamless ‘COP to COURT’ convictions

 Evidence Collection
In-vehicle recording equipment incorporates advanced High Definition cameras and an intuitive touch screen display allowing simple collection and categorisation of evidence.

Evidence Transfer
Evidence is transferred automatically by WiFi with no further officer involvement, it is then stored and linked automatically in a searchable database. Data can also be transferred by USB stick or wired connection. 

Evidence Management
WatchGuard Evidence Library software is a powerful, simple to use evidence management package that is scalable from a single PC to a full network. Evidence can be securely shared internally and externally and is also backwards compatible, with the ability to manage non-WatchGuard files and burn multiple formats of video file to DVD if required. 

Dramatically Increase Conviction Rates
From 2 to at least 6 plus a day

Automatic Recording

The WatchGuard 4RE starts recording on a range of configurable triggers, including when:

• Record is pressed
• Body-cams start recording
• Blue Light activation
• Siren Activation
• Vehicle collision
• Vehicle speed over set limit
• Auxiliary input (dog cage, weapon safe)


High Definition and Standard Definition

All WatchGuard HD cameras record simultaneously in High Definition and Standard Definition. For non-evidential recordings the SD footage can be saved, meaning smaller files, saved time and lower costs.

When a recording is stopped, a menu allows the officer to quickly select a category for the type of incident captured. This can be done on VISTA body-cams or on the vehicle 4RE, and the selection is shared between all connected devices.).