MegaFlare Rechargeable LED Safety Beacons - Single Pack

Product Code: LMF-01AXA3


The new MegaFlare safety beacon is an essential piece of hazard warning equipment.

The MegaFlare magnetic safety beacon can handle extreme temperatures and extreme situations including being able to float. It features a 10 year storage/shelf life, using Li-Ion batteries that won't ever leak.

Ideal for emergency and breakdown situations it has 10 selectable flash patterns.

Colours Available:
Also available as a MegaFlare Rechargeable 3 Pack or MegaFlare Rechargeable 6 Pack

Specification Dimensions Flash Patterns Accessories/Spare Parts
  • 16 high intensity LEDs per flare
  • 360º light output
  • 2-3 hours charge time
  • -40º - +60º operation and storage temperature
  • Night visibility: 2km on road or water and 5km from the air
  • Hermetically sealed, high strength
  • Push button on/off and flash pattern change
  • Each Flare is 10.5cm diameter x 3.5cm high
  • Supplied in a robust storage/charging case complete with AC mains and in-car charger

(Single Flare) - 10.5cm diameter x 3.5cm high

(Single Flare - Boxed) - 17cm x 15cm x 7cm

Flash Patterns

1Solid-On High
2Solid-On Low

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