Tornado PA Lightbar

Product Code: PTX-124


The Tornado PA Lightbar is a 39” (1000mm) LED lightbar with two 40w speakers for use with the Standard Auto Recall Unit.

Circular LED beacon modules with 12 ultra-bright LEDs are set at each end of the lightbar for true 360 light output. These beacon modules are ECE R65 approved with a 130fpm triple flash pattern imitating a rotator for 360° light output to provide maximum visibility.

The centre section is created by using a custom moulded opal lens with perforated speaker grille to house two 40W speakers connected to the Standard Auto Recall Unit.


    Specification Dimensions
    • Available 39” (1000mm) as standard, longer lengths available to order
    • Rigid aluminium base and UV stable polycarbonate lens
    • Use in conjunction with the Standard Auto Recall Unit for public announcements
    • 12v operation with 24v available to order
    • Optional vinyl lettering to the rear of the centre section
    • ECE R65 and ECE R10 approved
    • 12 month warranty

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