LM500 Magnetic LED Beacon and Siren Unit

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The LM500 combines the excellent light output of an LED beacon with powerful sound output of a 30w siren speaker.

The beacon has 15 high intensity LEDs and a parabolic reflector for maximum light output set within a high strength weather resistant blue lens. While the 30w, 112db siren is programmed with a standard UK yelp/wail tone. The total combined current consumption of the beacon and siren is only 3.6 amps.

A wire mesh filter prevents the ingress of solid particles and a drainage system prevents the accumulation of water in the membrane while rubber gasket prevents water ingress into the electronic circuitry.

The LM500 has 4 high strength magnets with silicone anti-scratch protection cups. Retractable handles aid the mounting and removal of the unit and it operates via a switched cigar plug connector.

This unit has been speed tested up to 120mph, however this is not guaranteed as adhesion is dependent upon the cleanliness and quality of the surface the unit is attached to.

262mm maximum (w) x 161mm (h) x 166mm (d)

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