Duo 1 LED Light Heads

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The Duo 1 is ideal for areas in a vehicle where there is very little space, such as wing/door mirrors to fit a conventional LED head along with it’s driver electronics.

Simply secure each light head behind an 11mm hole in the selected area and mount the driver unit in a more secure/convenient position for an unobtrusive yet powerful light source, excellent for use in covert vehicles.

The kit is 12v only with just 500mA maximum current draw and has an impressive light output of 32 Lumens per light head.

• Two LED light heads containing a single 3w LED in each supplied complete with an integral driver unit
• 2 x Osram LEDs in Blue, Red, White or Amber
• Available as simultaneous flash or alternating flash
• 6 built-in flash patterns
• Multiple units can be synchronised
• 12v operation
• e approved
• 2 year warranty

Dimensions: Each LED light head is 20mm diameter x 8mm high while each LED optic is only 9mm diameter x 8mm high.



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