UNO Control System

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A single switch solution that has a momentary cyclic option and also has dual colour (red/blue) LED illumination that changes colour with each press to display selected ‘mode of operation’ or to indicate an ‘off’ status.

Supplied with a pre-programmed Universal Mini Controller (MCS-6E) and single cyclic switch.

Controller (MCS-6E) Features and Functions:
•    Pre-programmed to switch on two sets of outputs depending
how many times the single push button is pressed
•    6 x 10Amp solid state relay outputs
•    Collective total current rating is 24 Amp
•    Each output can be current protected set at 5 or 10 Amps
- no external fuses required
•    Side light input for illumination control - positive Input
•    Ignition input for wake-up control - positive Input
•    Low battery ‘auto shut down’ feature sets in when voltage
     level falls below 11.5 volts for more than 30 seconds
•    Automatic ‘sleep mode’ sets in after periods of inactivity or low voltage
•    12 and 24 volt operation

Single Cyclic Switch Features and Functions:
•    Momentary 3-way cyclic switch with dual colour (blue and red) LED
     illumination that changes colour with each press to display the
     selected mode of operation or is unlit when off
•    22mm front bezel micro switch
•    Brushed steel anti-vandal switch
•    Dual colour LED - blue/red
•    Ingress protected to IP65





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