Message Master LED Warning Sign

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The new surface mount Message Master warning sign matrix features new electronics, the latest LEDs and a new touch screen O-LED control panel, taking message display into a new age!

It’s low profile design has a sealed enclosure and connections which are ingress protected to IP67. All versions operate at both 12v and 24v.

The high brightness LED display with extra wide viewing angle has co-moulded TIR optics producing 10mm pixels. Optically tinted lenses create high contrast which therefore improves legibility while reducing sunshine washout.

The kit is includes an O-LED graphic touch screen controller with Micro-SD storage for up to 99 customer programmable messages and PC message programming software, everything you need to get up and running, no add on purchases required.

Hard wired versions for fixed messages are available to order, please contact our sales team for further information.

Message Unit Dimensions: 145mm x 591mm x 40mm
Controller Dimensions: 92mm x 55mm x 15mm

Amber Units: The ‘AMBER’ colour LED version is now recommended by the Department of Trade for new vehicle installations in the England.
Red Units: The ‘RED’ colour LED version is now not recommended by the Department of Trade for use on new installations in England.

For definitive advice: Please consult the organisation who will be using the display unit to confirm the appropriate colour for their use.


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