Stealth RegPlate - Flat Bumper

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Stealth RegPlate - Flat Bumper

Number Plate Warning Light Unit - suitable for use on flat bumpers

RSG were asked to create a unique, and specific, discreet hazard warning lighting solution for a customer front line vehicles.

Our Automotive Technicians were given the task and, taking on board suggestions from some clients developed the Stealth RegPlate warning light unit.

The device comprises two blue 6-way slimline LED modules set in to each end of a robust, weatherproof housing. Simply remove the number plate from the vehicle, secure the Stealth RegPlate in its place and attach the original number plate to the front of the unit, thereby creating a discreet warning light that illuminates to the side from the front of the vehicle.

In addition to providing an extra warning light at a critical angle, it also blends into the bodywork when not in use making it ideal for covert applications.

Designed to fit standard number plate apertures the RegPlate operates at 12v and 24v, is available in blue as standard and is also available in Amber to order, please contact our sales office for more information.


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