PulsarPro - Hazard Warning Lamps

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The PulsarPro is a set of 5 rechargeable, LED hazard warning lamps available in Blue, Green, Red, Amber and White. Supplied complete with storage/charging case, AC mains charger and 12v car charger.

Each lamp has 360º illumination with 1 kilometre visibility powered by a high performance Li-ion battery that lasts up to 60 hours. They also have a built-in magnet, are crush proof up to 3 tonnes and can float.

• Rechargeable 700mAh 3.7v Li-ion battery
• Lamps charge within the storage case
• Over 1km visibility
• 360º illumination
• 10 light modes
• Up to 60 hours operating time (see run times chart)
• Ingress protected to IP67
• Shock resistant housing able to withstand up to 3 tonnes
• Built-in magnet on reverse
• Available in Blue, Red, Amber, Green and White

PulsarPro Run Times

 Rotate  9 hours
 Quad Flash
 9 hours
 Single Blink
 60 hours
 Alternating Blinks
 9 hours
 SOS Rescue
 14 hours
 Steady on High
 5 hours
 Steady on Low
 35 hours
 2 LED Light
 28 hours
 4 LED Light
 18 hours
 White Torch Mode
 8 hours

110mm diameter x 34mm high (each lamp)

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