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The WatchGuard VISTA range of body-worn cameras fully integrate with the 4RE in-car system capturing synchronised video of an event from multiple vantage points.

The high quality, rugged VISTA is designed and built to military specifications making it capable of coping with the harsh realities of law enforcement.

VISTA cameras utilise Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range Technology (U-WDR). An advanced image sensor captures two separate images for each frame of video - one dark and one light exposure. The two images are blended together to create one perfectly exposed frame.

Simple to use and easy to understand VISTA body-worn cameras have a one-touch operation, simply press the button to start or stop recording. The backlit LCD display keeps you informed about recording state, battery levels and memory space as well as being able to view user defined incident categories.

At the end of a recording, the officer can quickly categorise the incident, toggling through a pre-defined list at the push of a button. Each category has a range of settings defined by the organisation, including footage resolution and data retention period.

Revolutionary microphone technology and sophisticated acoustic chambers within VISTA WiFi body cameras eliminates the need for the officer to wear a separate microphone.

The VISTA WiFi docking base mounts in the vehicle, enabling VISTA footage to be transferred wirelessly to the server as well as linking the VISTA to the vehicle for group recording.

WatchGuard - VISTA WiFi Body-worn Camera

One Piece WiFi Integrated HD Body-worn Camera WiFi and GPS enabled, ultra-rugged body-worn camera with simple controls, allowing officers to capture the highest...

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WatchGuard - VISTA XLT Body-worn Camera

Two Piece WiFi Integrated HD Body-worn Camera A highly versatile Wifi and GPS enabled two-piece body-worn camera system with amazingly small, lightweight,...

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