WatchGuard 4RE In-car Components


The WatchGuard 4RE System is a fully integrated and synchronised in-car and body-worn camera system.

Mini Zoom, Zero Sightline and Panoramic in-car cameras along with one or more Vista body-worn cameras work seamlessly as a single system capturing synchronised video of an event from multiple vantage points.

Events can be viewed in real time via the touch screen in-car monitor whilst being recorded directly to internal storage and backed up onto a USB Flash Drive, providing alternative event transfer.

Video footage can be live streamed to the command centre and recorded events are uploaded wirelessly from the vehicle to evidence storage with no officer involvement.

Evidence can be managed via a web browser over a network or on a stand-alone computer depending upon vehicle fleet size and requirements.

•    High Definition front cameras and up to 5 additional cameras
•    Camera technology allows number plates to be seen at night and faces in direct sun
•    Rugged display with intuitive interface
•    System always recording, incidents captured even if record wasn’t pressed
•    Footage is not uploaded unless required.
•    Evidence automatically uploaded by WiFi and linked to officer and vehicle
•    Saves hours of officer time
•    Unbroken chain of continuity, no room for user error
•    Vehicle and body-cams record together to capture incident from multiple angles
•    Footage is uploaded together and automatically linked.
•    Recordings include pre-incident footage.
•    Data including officer, location, speed, brakes, sirens, blues and audio is recorded.
•    Powerful, intuitive evidence management system, scalable from single PC to full network
•    Fully auditable with automatic data retention and purging.
•    Footage backed up onto USB, physically locked into the unit, users are unable to modify or delete footage
•    Video transfer by USB/wired connection if required.

Upgrade for West Yorkshire Police | In-Car Video for UK Law Enforcement

WatchGuard - 4RE Digital Video Recording Unit

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WatchGuard - Primary In-car HD Cameras

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WatchGuard - Secondary In-car Cameras

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