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With mobile CCTV recording now common place and a vast range of systems available that range from single dash cameras to multi-camera installations, WatchGuard is unique in that it has been specifically designed to provide the Police unambiguous video evidence.

Automatic recording, automatic wireless upload, one touch event categorisation and industry leading evidence management software allow:

•    More efficient use of officer time
•    More time on high visibility patrol
•    More video evidence of more incidents
•    More detected crimes
•    Better conviction rates
•    Better MOPI and Data Protection compliance

How WatchGuard Operates

• Evidence Collection
In-vehicle recording equipment incorporates advanced High Definition cameras and an intuitive touch screen display allowing simple collection and categorisation of evidence. An 80 hour recording loop provides the ability to access footage retrospectively.

• Evidence Transfer
Evidence is transferred automatically by WiFi with no further officer involvement, it is then stored and linked automatically in a searchable database. Data can also be transferred by USB stick or wired connection. Live footage from the  vehicle can be viewed remotely via the mobile phone network if required.

• Evidence  Management
WatchGuard Evidence Library software is a powerful, simple to use evidence management package that is scalable from a single PC to a full network. Evidence can be securely shared internally and externally and is also backwards compatible, with the ability to manage non-WatchGuard files and burn multiple formats of video file to DVD if required. Evidence Library incorporates an intuitive evidence clipping feature and data graphs to allow officers to easily show required footage. Powerful search functions, full auditability and highly configurable levels of user access make Evidence Library a perfect compliment to the 4RE in-car system.


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