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External LED modules are generally installed in the grille and at salient points on the exterior bodywork of the vehicle. However, they are increasingly being introduced into the interior, particularly into the tail gate. This is due, in part, to recent documentation specifying that ‘All RPG (Roads Policing Group) vehicles and any other vehicle involved in attending incidents on high speed roads should have high level blue/red LED lights fitted in the tailgate in the highest position’. It was found that low level lighting and roof lighting were obscured when the tailgate was raised. This also applies to road side workers using amber lights.

R6 Responder Series LED Lamp

The R6 is available as a warning lamp in Amber, Blue, and Red with clear or coloured lenses. It is also available in White as a scene lap. Subtly angled...

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R4 Responder Series LED Lamp

The R4 is available as a warning lamp in Amber, Blue and Red with clear or coloured lenses. Supplied complete with appropriate fixings and...

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R0 LED Lamps

R0 LED lamps are small compact lamps with a chrome effect housing and are available in four different types. Warning Lamp: 4 high power LEDs available in Amber,...

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Fit-a-light LED Modules

Fit-a-light all in one LED modules are supplied as single unit complete with a snap-on plastic shroud. 3 high powered LEDs provide excellent...

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Super Thin LED Modules

The Super Thin range is available as 3-way, 6-way and 12-way LED modules with the 6-way version being available as both a horizontal and vertical unit. Additional...

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Gecko LED Modules

The compact Gecko LED modules are available as a vertical or horizontal unit with UV stable polycarbonate lenses and IP rated to IP69K dust and water resistance....

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Arc LED Modules (AL6)

Arc LED Modules Arc LED modules are available as a standard surface mount module or as a suspended bracket mount module ideal for mounting beneath the...

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OE9 LED Modules

The new OE9 range of LED modules have a true 180º wide viewing angle due to the unique placement of the LEDs and the clear polycarbonate lens that wraps around the...

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Halo Blitz Warning Lamp

Halo Blitz LED Warning Lamp Halo Blitz warning lamps have a row of 6 high power LEDs at the centre to act as a flashing warning light and an outer halo of 18...

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ED5100 Corner LED Module

The new Corner LED Module features an exceptionally wide spread of light, far increased over conventional LED modules. Fitting one Corner LED Module on each corner of...

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Edge Saber LED Module (M59)

The Edge Saber is an ultra slimline LED module with 3 or 6 high power LEDs and unique optical reflectors for effective light output. At only 129mm wide x 16mm deep x...

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Micro Blast LED Module (F13)

Micro Blast LED modules are supplied as single units having the control unit built in to the bodywork of the module. The Micro Blast is extremely low profile when...

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