FleetMotus Fleet and Driver Information, Monitoring & Management System


FleetMotus - Fleet and Driver Information monitoring System

The Vehicle Utilisation, Driver Behaviour and overall Fleet Management features and services provided by the FleetMotus system will deliver you the tools required to monitor your fleet, streamline its deployment and reduce accident damage and abuse of your vehicles. This regular and automated monitoring has been proven to save money from day one with quoted savings being around a 25% reduction in accidents and a saving of 10-20% in fuel costs alone.

RSG Engineering has been providing Court of Law recognised, journey and incident vehicle data recorders for over 10 years. We have built on this experience by working closely with both Fleet Managers and Collision Investigators in the demanding emergency services market to provide you with FleetMotus, a Fleet and Driver Information, Monitoring and Management System available either as a stand alone product or in conjunction with our high resolution vehicle location devices for highly detailed vehicle journey (1Hz) and incident (up to 100Hz) information.

•    Live vehicle tracking with 20 second updates whilst mobile (configurable) - Google/Bing maps
•    Live virtual dashboard showing vehicle status
•    Full historic journey data with stop time indicated
•    Geofenced areas of interest linked to alerts and reports
•    Points of Interest import - user or postcode defined
•    Vehicle type and location tagging to allow simplified view and like for like reports
•    Urgent alerts and events can be notified by SMS
•    Email alerts with scheduled reports including;
    -    Vehicle Utilisation Report
    -    Idle Vehicle Report (ignition on vehicle not moving)
    -    Special Lazy Vehicle Report (ignition OFF in Geofenced locations)
    -    Overspeed reports
    -    Harsh braking and Acceleration reports
    -    Overall driver behaviour report
    -    Monitoring of battery condition including low battery warning
    -    Stolen vehicle alerts
•    Dedicated server support for secure APN, local hosting and web based server available

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